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Deluxe Electric Tiller 

Deluxe Electric Tiller £ 119.99 In stock


SHERPA Electric Tiller Cultivator   

A mains electric tiller is just the thing you need if you don't want the hassle of oil and fuel that most machines 
of this type need. This machine takes a lot of the sweat and hard-work out of gardening. 
Use it in the spring for cultivating firm ground and for digging-in compost and fertilisers. 
In the summer it's ideal for cultivating borders, beds, and vegetable gardens and digging up weeds. 

The 1300w electric motor is powerful and gives its all at the press of a lever. 
It is quiet in operation and can handle most soil types. 
Revolving tines are mounted under the motor so you can guide the tiller easily between narrow vegetable rows, 
around trees, 
or amongst perennials. 

Special Features:
* 2-point safety switch
* Ergonomic , folding handlebar
* Robust Rotor Blades
* 5-way adjustable wheels
* cable retention


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