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Deluxe Knapsack Multi Sprayer 

Deluxe Knapsack Multi Sprayer £ 99.99 In stock


Sherpa Deluxe Multi Sprayer

New from Sherpa a cordless dual purpose light weight multi sprayer 
used either as a backpack/knapsack sprayer or as a wheeled sprayer.
Comes complete with a rechargeable inbuilt battery, strong padded straps
turning it into a knapsack sprayer, automatic battery charger, fitted volt meter
and battery low warning alarm. 
Battery will last for many tanks of water. 
No effort needed when sprayer has been filled, simply turn on and spray, 
no need to pump. 
Lockable trigger for constant operation with pressure set by a rotary knob. 
Fits on to a detachable wheeled trailer unit which is extremely well balanced
and has a storage compartment for the straps when not in use, and spare 
spraying nozzles making the sprayer easy to use.

16 litre cordless Electric Knapsack Sprayer with convertible wheeled trailer.
Electric diaphragm pump
Working pressure  of 0.20 - 4.5 bar
12v 7ah, SLA maintainance free battery 
AC100-240v~50/60Hz Output 12V DC 1.3 A
Weighs 5.6 kg
Trailer weight 2.2kg
Locking trigger
battery low audible warning

Supplied with:
Spray wand
Spray hose
inlet strainer
wheeled carrier
Cone spraying nozzle: 3.0~4.5 bar
Double spraying nozzle: 2.5~4.0 bar
Fan spraying nozzle 0.20~0.4 bar
Four-hope spraying nozzle: 0.2~0.4 bar

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