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Large Garden Trolley 

Large Garden Trolley £ 119.99 In stock


SHERPA SLGT 4 wheel trolley                      

This excellent 4 wheel garden trolley comes complete with mesh drop down sides. 
It has steering to the front wheels which also have 4-ply pneumatic tyres and roller bearings. 
This trolley is essential for the large garden or paddock and can be pulled by hand using the 
supplied handle/towing hitch. It can also be towed on small vehicles such as quad-bikes or 
garden tractors using the supplied clevis pin adaptor.

The second picture here shows the trolley when the sides are removed, it acts as a flatbed 
so that you can transport outsized objects. A really versatile and useful machine! 

Special Features:
* Includes hitch for tractor / ATV
* Superbly useful item
* All steel construction 
* Four hinged drop sides 
* Turntable steering 

* 350kg load capacity - MASSIVE !!!!
* Sides can be dropped down or removed
* Pneumatic wheel 30cm diam.
* Bearing to wheels 
* Overall dimensions 140cm long x 64cm wide x 65cm high (excluding draw bar handle) 
* Internal dimensions 118cm long x 57cm wide x 32cm high.


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